A Moon for the Misbegotten

This play revisits a member of O’Neill’s iconic Tyrone family (last seen in Long Day’s Journey at the Pear). Irish immigrant Phil Hogan, along with his coarse and wanton daughter, Josie, work a farm rented from James Tyrone, an alcoholic, washed-up actor. In a scheme to buy the farm, Josie aims to seduce James. But as their entanglement grows, they open up to each other about their dreams, their fears, and their disappointments, realizing how much they have in common -- as well as how wide a gulf separates them. O'Neill's classic vibrates with moonlight, love, betrayal, and truth.


Directed by jeanie smith

Featuring John Baldwin, Kurt Gravenhorst, Susannah Greenwood, and Michael Rhone


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Kurt Gravenhorst &
Susannah Greenwood
Kurt Gravenhorst &
Susannah Greenwood
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John Baldwin & Michael Rhone
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