House and Garden

by Alan Ayckbourn

September 12 – October 5

A theatrical event not to be missed:  two interlocking comedies that take place simultaneously, with one cast performing both shows in two different theatres at the same time. Teddy and Trish Platt are hosting the annual May Fete for the village. Friends, family, lovers, politicians, a French movie star-- and, will it rain? Each play alone offers a hilarious romp around English manners, but together they add up to a theatrical experience unlike any other.  While the actors race from House (the Pear) to Garden (Pear Two, two units away!), the audience stays put, seeing each production one at a time, in either order. Both plays abound with Ayckbourn’s famous wit and creativity. ...more

“An audacious, crazy, altogether brilliant achievement” – Time       

This daring production is a Regional Premiere at the Pear!



by David Lindsay-Abaire

October 31 – November 23
A hilarious and heartrending play about a teenager with a rare condition causing her body to age faster than it should. When she and her family flee Secaucus, NJ (under dubious circumstances), Kimberly is forced to reevaluate her life while contending with a hypochondriac mother, a rarely sober father, a scam-artist aunt, her own mortality and, most terrifying of all, the possibility of first love...more


"A shrewd satire, a black comedy and a heartbreaking study of how time wounds everyone." —NY Times

Super Villain!

by James Kopp

December 5 - December 21
Written and directed by the Pear's own James Kopp,  who brings you the antidote to holiday sugar with an irreverent spin on superhero sagas set in the comic book world.  Our Super Villain (The Remote) finds himself all alone after his Super Hero nemesis is dispatched, and in the process learns something about soulmates, identity, and yes, love-- even if you're the bad guy. Age 13 and up; adult language...more

Subscriber discounts to this show are available in two of the packages; non-subscribers will pay a ticket price of $15.



by Harold Pinter

January 30 – February 22

Pinter's 1978 masterpiece illuminates different instances of betrayal spanning a seven-year affair.  As the complexity of relationships peels away like layers of an onion, the truth shifts and eludes us, amid deception and desire...more
"A world where pain and loss are explored with poetic precision." -- Guardian


Pear Slices 2015

March 13 – April 5

For your viewing pleasure, a freshly minted assortment of short new plays from the Pear Playwrights, who charm and surprise us each year with their infinite variety. These delightful and always-original plays have become a beloved Pear tradition...more


Birds of a Feather

by Paul Braverman

May 1– May 24

The third chapter in Braverman's “stage noir” trilogy featuring the gin-soaked private eye, Frankie Payne, finds us rooting for something that has long eluded Frankie as she solves mysteries of crime: the mystery of love. But, in harm's way once again, will she solve the mystery in time? ...more
Diane Tasca reprises her role as the irascible and indomitable Frankie.



by Tom Stoppard

June 19 – July 12

We end the season with a revival of one of the Pear’s most popular plays: a beloved contemporary classic, wherein the actions of two scholars and current residents of an English estate are juxtaposed with those who lived there 180 years prior. Mysteries & mathematics, romance & murder collide to illuminate the immortality-- and elusive enigma-- of love...more

"The depth, breadth and scope of the play are exhilarating," --Financial Times