HERE'S OUR 2017-2018 SEASON!



By Sarah Ruhl

Thu, Sep 7, 2017  - Sun, Oct 1, 2017

This insightful and provocative play, directed by Caroline Clark, examines a slice of history when physicians treated various female (and male) ailments by the use of an electric vibrator, applied to private parts in a treatment room. It's a fascinating and often funny glimpse into a patriarchal society, in which women are not given the words or concepts to articulate their needs. The New Yorker called Ruhl's play “her best to date.”




By Henrik Ibsen

Thu, Sep 7, 2017  - Sun, Oct 1, 2017

Written in 1882, Henrik Ibsen's AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE still rings disturbingly true: the story of a altruistic man undermined by people concerned with profit. Dr. Stockmann has discovered serious contamination in the town's new bathing complex, an enterprise which had promised to revitalize the town economy. Unwilling to undertake the expense of correction, however, the town mayor — his own brother — accuses Stockmann of fabricating the story to enrich himself, and manages to turn most of the town's population against the doctor and his family. Ibsen examines the moral dilemmas inherent in whistleblowing, as well as the sometimes ephemeral nature of truth itself. Betsy Kruse Craigdirects this classic, in a recent adaptation by Rebecca Lenkiewicz.



The Millionth.png

By James Kopp

Nov 30, 2017 - Dec 17, 2017

Once more catering to a less-than-traditional holiday crowd, the Pear celebrates the holidays with THE MILLIONTH PRODUCTION OF A CHRISTMAS CAROL written and directed by James Kopp. In the show, a small black box theater in Northern California is in fear of closing its doors after spending too much money on shows that had poor ticket sales. In an effort to appeal to a larger audience, the Artistic Director decides to put up Dickens' classic "A Christmas Carol." Though coming through with signature James Kopp humor (GEEKS VS ZOMBIES, SUPER VILLAIN!!), the show also offers serious consideration of the compromises between art that pays and art for art's sake; the delicate balance between the desires of the people that do theater and the desires of the people that pay to see it. 




By Athol Fugard

Jan 18 - Feb 11, 2018

Miss Helen, a reclusive widow, harbors an odd but prolific artistic impulse which makes her the subject of ridicule among the neighbors in Athol Fugard's “The Road to Mecca.” Her life becomes caught between her friend, the stern reverend who urges her to move to a senior home, and a young schoolteacher who encourages her to follow her heart. In 1990, Time magazine included the play in its “Theatre: Best of the Decade” list, saying “South Africa's conscience, Athol Fugard, proved his compassion is universal in this Ibsenesque conflict between a fiercely independent artist and a society justly yearning for order.” 
Betsy Kruse Craig directs Diane Tasca as Miss Helen, Briana Mitchell as Elsa Barlow, and John Baldwin as Reverend Marius. 


By Michael Golamco

Mar 15, 2018 - Apr 8, 2018

This romantic comedy, directed by Jeffrey Lo, is based on the French classic, Cyrano de Bergerac. A high school English teacher--and the only Korean American man living in a dusty Wyoming town--falls for a new teacher, a bright, gorgeous Asian-American woman. But she is attracted only to white men — such as the handsome but fairly dim P.E. teacher. Savagely mirthful and often moving, this play was deemed "funny, sharply written, [tackling] the topic of race head-on, with both barrels blazing.”


By The Pear Playwrights Guild

May 3, 2018 - May 20, 2018

Pear Slices 2018 5/4 - 20 As always, spring means Slices—a collection of original, short plays from the members of the Pear Playwrights Guild, directed by Troy Johnson and Robyn Ginsburg Braverman. A stunning variety of stories and settings, rich characters and surprising plot twists will occupy the Pear stage, brought to life with a single cast of highly versatile actors. This annual short-play showcase has become a favorite among Pear audiences and never fails to amuse, intrigue, and inspire.


By Noël Coward

Jun 22, 2018  - Jul 15, 2018

Our 16th season ends with a delectable foray into musical theatre, Noël Coward's Oh, Coward! And a rare foray too--the Pear has staged only three musical works in 15 years. This delightfully intimate revue, devised by Roderick Cook, features four performers accompanied on piano. Coward’s songs and sketches about British high and low society, the theatah, mad dogs, Englishmen, and other noteworthy subjects sparkle with the Master’s dry-as-a-martini wit. Our production will be co-directed by Elizabeth Craig and Diane Tasca.