Since 2002, The Pear has grown roots of artistic integrity and creativity.  Founded by Diane Tasca and nurtured to life by a family of dedicated artists, actors, writers, designers, directors, teachers, and theatre lovers, this dynamic little theatre has a HUGE heart. The Pear thrives by offering audiences incredible productions of classics, new works and challenging plays that thrill, entertain and challenge.


The Pear supports theatre artists by offering them opportunities in many forms:

Actors: we support, encourage and respect the craft of acting, which leads to rich, multifaceted performances.  

Writers: we have an active playwright’s guild and play development program that cultivates new works.

Designers:  a collaborative atmosphere, encouraging clever solutions to theatrical challenges! Improv enthusiasts: an active comedy group, giving experience to new talent and performing regularly throughout the season.

Students:  the Pear is working on a conservatory program that will offer scene study, monologue, voice and movement and audition classes for adults and youth.


We came up with a “mantra” for the 2017-2018 season:  “INVITE, UNITE, IGNITE!”  We INVITE audiences and theatre artists to be a part of this incredible theatre, to UNITE in the passionate belief that art in all forms is more important now than ever, providing a creative voice to the challenges in today’s society.  Lastly, we hope to IGNITE your passions, consciousness, your actions, and your life!


Thank you for supporting live theatre, and thank you for supporting THE PEAR!

- Betsy Kruse Craig

  Artistic Director